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Today FM stars are hit by ATM skim fraud

TODAY FM staff have been swindled out of thousands of euro by an ATM-skimming device.

Workers in Today FM had their accounts cleared out at an AIB ATM close to Mercer's Hospital on Lower Mercer Street, Dublin 2.

Ian Dempsey broke the news to his followers saying: "Loads of people in Today FM have been skimmed at a nearby ATM."

The Today FM DJ warned that the machines affected were "the ones with the round green card slot".

The show's researcher Sara Falconer said that eight workers had been fleeced by the same rigged cash machine.

"A lot of people got skimmed, eight of us altogether over a period of a few weeks."


The news was also on the Today FM blog: "It appears that as well as several members of Today FM getting skimmed at a nearby ATM, the President's husband Martin McAleese also got skimmed recently.

"Keep your eyes open for loose ATM parts or sticky adhesive and just don't use the ATM if you're at all suspicious."

The producer and co-presenter of the Ray D'Arcy Show Jenny Kelly took to the internet when she realised she had also been scammed: "My laser card was skimmed. From now on I will be that nut job bent over at the ATM hiding my pin."

The radio station then posted pictures of the device on its website and warned people "to be vigilant".

A spokesperson for the station said that many "accounts were cleared out".

Those whose accounts were cleared had not used the ATM machine for close to a week before the money was taken from their accounts.

Skimming devices like the one that was used have been found in newer AIB ATM machines which have a bottle green plastic card slot.

The thief places an identical covering over the card slot which copies its design and so the customer using the cash machine has no idea that there is a device under it.

A spokesperson for AIB Helen Leonard said: "Card skimming is part of an active garda investigation so I cannot comment on individual cases."

She added that AIB was reminding customers "to always cover their pin and contact gardai if they notice anything strange or unusual".