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'Today FM has my back despite mostly male line-up', says Louise


Presenter Louise Duffy

Presenter Louise Duffy

Presenter Louise Duffy

Today FM's Louise Duffy has said that it "can't be denied" that there is a predominantly male line-up on the station's daytime schedule.

But the popular presenter said she wouldn't have wanted to remain in her afternoon slot just because she's a woman.

Duffy (31) will take over the reins of the 7pm slot from next month after Fergal D'Arcy was moved to the 2.30pm show.

She noted the strong line-up of male presenters that will be on air at the station from 7am until 7pm.

"You can't really deny that. It's evident in the schedule," she told the Herald.

"We have some very strong male presenters but females are very present too. Today FM has always nurtured emerging female presenters and have always had my back.

"I know the argument is out there and there's lots of concern and it is changing slightly. I was very proud to be there (in the afternoon) but you can't just be there because you're a female voice.

"That's the business we're in. You have to be flexible and ready to move. I'm excited about getting involved in something new."

But Duffy said the evening slot suits her far better as it gives her more time to work on her new website, womenswearstory.

Combining her two passions of fashion and music, she's going to take the next month off to concentrate on the website before starting her new slot on August 1.


"I'm so excited about that. I spend all of my time in the evening just window shopping online. I have about 18 tabs of different stores open. I'm not buying, I'm having a gawk and wishing I could buy everything. So I'm putting that into a business and mixing it with my love of music," she said.

She said her new slot is "kind of perfect" for taking on new challenges.

"It gives me an opportunity to do as many articles as possible and explore it and still be present on the Today FM schedule. The show itself will let me veer outside the usual playlist and explore other genres of music," she said.

Duffy will be taking centre stage during Galway Races week when she judges the g Hotel's most stylish lady competition on July 28.

The stylish star will be joined by her fashion designer husband Paul Galvin at the glamorous event and revealed what might catch her eye on the day.

"I think it's really important to not conform to what you think you should wear to the races. It shouldn't be too matchy-matchy.

"True style is when you're comfortable in what you're wearing and aren't afraid to try different things. It's not about going crazy price-wise. It's about mixing colours and prints and looking and feeling good," she said.

She said the Galway Races has always been a big tradition for her.

"I love it, I'm from Mayo, so it's the one thing every summer that we all congregate for, so I was going to be there anywhere," she said.