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Tips to tackle cyber bullies

Tips for parents:

lTalk to your children about their online activity. Make them aware of the dangers of the internet and urge them to talk to you if they encounter bullying.

•If you feel your children should not be accessing certain social networks, research the wide range of internet security options that are available to you.

•Consider setting up a group with other parents to discuss the dangers of cyber bullying.

•Speak to your child's school authorities if you have any concerns.

•Parents should inform themselves about safer mobile phone and internet use and how they can be used in a negative way

•Notify gardai immediately if you have serious concerns for your child's safety.

Tips for young people:

•Always remember that it is never okay for somebody to make hurtful comments about you -- do not tolerate being bullied.

•Do not hand out personal information -- particularly photographs or any other private details that could be used by bullies against you.

•Never respond to abusive or offensive messages levelled at you online.

•Always save or take a screen grab of any hurtful comments made towards you on social networks.

•Do not accept 'friend requests' from people you do not know or do not have a good relationship with.

•If you are being bullied, talk to somebody close to you such as a parent, teacher or friend. Never keep bullying secret -- it's not worth it.

• Childline can be reached by phone on 1800 666 666; or text 'talk' to 50101 or log on to www.childline.ie