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Tiny Tears doll made me mumsy

TV presenter Miriam O'Callaghan has revealed a Christmas present may be the reason why she has so many children.

The Prime Time host suggested her maternal nature stems from receiving a Tiny Tears doll when she was growing up and became attached to it.

"One Christmas I got a doll that I really liked. She was a Tiny Tears doll of some description and one year I got her, as well as a pram," she said.

"She used to cry and had a nappy. I loved that present and maybe that's why I went on to have loads of babies myself," she added.

The TV host has eight children, four from her marriage with sportscaster Tom McGurk, and four from her current relationship with Irish director Steve Carson.


Speaking to the RTE Guide, O'Callaghan also revealed her highlight of the year, when she interviewed three elderly men who lived in secluded rural villages around the country.

"One of the highest rating Prime Time's of the year was about three lonely old men I interviewed, who lived in some of the most remote parts of Ireland," O'Callaghan said.

She added that despite their lack of material items, the men were happy with their way of life.

However, there have been also been low points for the presenter this year, with the passing of Brian O'Farrell.

She worked with the broadcaster when she first arrived on Prime Time in 1996, and described him as the "kindest, funniest and most decent of men".