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Tinder party for singles in city pub


The Bernard Shaw pub

The Bernard Shaw pub

Sunday 08 February 2015. Bar Manager in the Bernard Shaw pub Miceál McKeon.

Sunday 08 February 2015. Bar Manager in the Bernard Shaw pub Miceál McKeon.


The Bernard Shaw pub

WHO said romance is dead? One Dublin pub is hosting a Tinder party this Valentine's Day for single punters.

The Bernard Shaw, on Richmond Street, which is managed by Miceal McKeon, is offering users of the dating app a free glass of bubbly if they show the app at the bar.

The location-based dating app allows users to find singletons close by, swiping right if they would like a chance to chat.

If two people swipe right a match is made and a conversation can be started.

On Saturday night, the pub hopes to cut out all of the tedious swiping by putting all of the Tinder users in one place.

"We wanted to do something a bit different other than the naff two-for-one couples' nights for Valentines Day," events manager Erica Bridgeman explained.

"I wanted to get everyone who uses the app in the same vicinity. Maybe it will actually go beyond the app and get people talking.

"You could easily swipe someone and then find out that they are across the bar.

"It will probably take one person to break the ice, it's like dancing, once one person starts everyone will probably be on it."

The Love Me Tinder night kicks off at 7pm and the bar are expecting a full house.

"We will have a competition for the worst Tinder date stories - everyone has got them," said Erica, who admits she used it when she was single.

"Though its not the reason I'm not single anymore."