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Time Magazine glows about Enda ... but is the 'comeback' really on?

A Time Magazine article applauds Enda Kenny's performance as Taoiseach and says he is "underestimated" by the Irish public.

The article is a major boost for the Taoiseach -- not only is he praised in the prestigious magazine, he also grabs the front cover.

Under the headline The Celtic Comeback, Mr Kenny is the first Irish leader since Sean Lemass to appear on a Time cover.

The article is highly complimentary about Mr Kenny's performance as Taoiseach, adding that he is "leading Ireland's fight to recover from the bust".

Catherine Mayer, who wrote the article and edits the magazine's Europe edition, described Mr Kenny as "charming", "shrewd" and "likeable".

"The reason for choosing to write about Enda Kenny was because of the gulf between how he's perceived in Ireland and abroad.

"He's the poster boy as far as the European Central Bank is concerned and the IMF is concerned. Ireland is held up as an example of handling the bailout and the post-bailout well," she told The David Harvey Show on Classic Hits 4FM.


"He was likeable ... he was engaging and talkative. One meets a lot of likeable people but what was much more interesting to me was the fact that he could be shrewd and incisive when you talk to him which is not something that comes across in his media interviews at all."