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Thugs terrorise young family with screwdriver


Sheik Madhar Babhurdeesha at his home at Belfry Road, Citywest, Dublin. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Sheik Madhar Babhurdeesha at his home at Belfry Road, Citywest, Dublin. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Sheik Madhar Babhurdeesha at his home at Belfry Road, Citywest, Dublin. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Three children under the age of ten watched on in horror as their parents were terrorised by a two-man gang in the capital's latest aggravated burglary.

The shocking incident unfolded at a house in the Belfry Drive estate in the Citywest area shortly before 3pm on Saturday, when two men burst into the house after ringing the doorbell.

The men pushed Aysha Sheik (32) back in the hallway and covered her mouth with their hands when she attempted to scream.

The thugs then forced her into the kitchen and put a screwdriver to her neck and demanded that she lie on the ground.

Her husband Madhar Babhurdeeshsa Sheik (36) described how he woke up to the sight of his family being terrorised by the two raiders.

He was then threatened with a knife taken from his own kitchen by the brutal thugs.


"I only returned home from the United States that morning so I was taking a nap. At about 2.40pm I was awoken by people shouting in my living room. I stood up and saw a man holding a screwdriver to my wife's throat," he told the Herald.

"Then the other man grabbed a knife from my kitchen and held it to my neck."

"They ordered my three children to lie down on the floor and starting screaming 'where's the money?' at me," he added.

After forcing the young family to the ground one of the thugs pulled a necklace that the traumatised woman was wearing from her neck.

The two thugs also attempted to rip the wife's earrings off during the ordeal.

The extremely shocked children are a boy aged ten and his younger siblings, his brother who is aged eight and his four-year-old sister.

The two criminals escaped the property with jewellery worth around €5,500, a four-figure sum of cash and the parent's two mobile phones.

However, despite the significant haul the two burglars were not happy with what they had and proceeded to take their anger out on the father of three.

"They weren't happy with what they got and became very aggressive, so when they were leaving they beat me over the back of my head a couple of times" he said.

Mr Sheik also revealed that his family have been staying with friends over the past four nights as they are too afraid to stay in their own home.

He also described the pyschological impact the incident has had on him, and how the burglary may affect his employment over the coming weeks.

"I have been to counselling over this. I may have to stay at home with my family for the next two or three weeks and not go to the office," Mr Babhurdeeshsa explained.

"These people who robbed us, they don't care. For them it's only ten minutes, but for us it lasts for a lifetime."


"We are trying to erase what happened from our memory, but we can never forget this, we won't be able to forget it and it will always be there", he added.

One of the suspects is described as being in his mid 20s and was wearing a black jacket and a grey woolly hat while the other raider was aged in his 30s and was wearing similar clothes.

The location of last weekend's aggravated burglary, which is being investigated by Tallaght gardai, is located close to a house in nearby Belfry Green where another horrific aggravated burglary took place on November 11 last.