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Thugs smash their way into home to threaten criminal


Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Two crazed thugs broke into a house and smashed up the kitchen as they issued threats against a dangerous young criminal who is currently on remand in prison.

The incident happened in Drimnagh at around 10.45pm on Wednesday when the masked men kicked in the front door of the property and screamed the criminal's name and stated that he "is going to get it".

Sources said that the raiders were referring to a ruthless young criminal who is currently locked up in jail with his brother.

The two innocent occupants of the house - a 42-year-old woman who lives at the address and a 45-year-old man from Dublin's north inner city - watched in horror as the thugs bizarrely focused on smashing up a microwave before leaving the house. The two men then left the property and were driven away by a third man who was in a waiting car.

The man that the attackers referred to has been in jail for a number of months and he has multiple previous convictions including one relating to being a passenger in a stolen car which was involved in a terrifying high-speed chase with gardai in Dublin.


He has connections to the notorious Brian Rattigan criminal gang and is described by senior sources as "cash hungry and completely out of control" and he has been involved in low-level gang warfare in the south inner city over the last three years.

He was arrested in May in relation to a burglary in which a tiny three-year-old girl was gagged and bound along with her mother during a shocking robbery at the family home of Voice Of Ireland finalist Mark Guildea.

The terrifying ordeal endured by Allison and Holly Guildea happened while Mark was away from their Co Meath home performing.

Gardai believe he was part of a four-man gang who burst into the house, past the young mother, and repeatedly screamed at her "where's the safe, where's the safe" while her distraught daughter watched in terror.

He was released without charge in that case by officers based in Terenure and gardai are preparing a file for the DPP.

Sources said that Wednesday night's incident is not linked to a spate of attacks in Crumlin last week, which are linked to a separate feud.

Last week, the Herald revealed that a house had been shot up in Derry Road in Crumlin and that the intended target was a 21-year-old convicted drug dealer who was targeted after a mass brawl in the area on Monday night of last week.


And we also revealed that a property in nearby Captain's Avenue was attacked in an arson attack two days after the shooting.

The people living in this home are not involved in crime.

Tensions escalted last week after rival factions became involved in home attacks after an organised fist fight which centres around a long-running dispute.