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Thugs held officer at gunpoint during attack in city park


 SEARCH: Gardai in Ravensdale Park after the assault

SEARCH: Gardai in Ravensdale Park after the assault

SEARCH: Gardai in Ravensdale Park after the assault

TWO criminals held a garda at gunpoint and beat him unconscious in a dark Dublin park.

Det Mick Fitzgerald, who is based at Sundrive Road garda station, is recovering today as his colleagues hunt for the culprits.

The pair stole garda property while the officer lay injured on the ground on Tuesday.

Gardai said it was "extremely lucky" that the detective, who was pistol-whipped, was not carrying his own firearm at the time of the incident.


Last night, officers were trawling through good-quality CCTV footage in a bid to identify the thug who pulled a gun on Det Fitzgerald and frogmarched him into Ravensdale Park in Kimmage and hit him over the head with a handgun.

The officer was making a good recovery from his injuries as gardai tried to track down his attackers.

A senior source told the Herald: "If he had his weapon, this criminal could have got it off him when he pulled a gun on the garda.

"If that had happened, who knows what could have happened next – the garda could have easily been shot."

Officers searched Ravensdale Park yesterday but have not yet recovered Det Fitzgerald's garda badge which officers believe is being used as a "sick souvenir" by the thug who attacked the detective.

He was on his own when it is believed he saw suspicious activity described as a "hand-over" between two men in the green area at around 8pm.

He then drove up to a person or a group of people and identified himself as a detective but a gun was pulled on him and he was later assaulted.

The well-respected officer, who is in his late 30s, did not have his garda radio with him.

A witness said: "At around 8.30pm there was a swarm of garda cars all over the area in front of the builders' providers beside Ravensdale Park.

"Then an ambulance arrived and they took a man out of the driver's seat of an unmarked garda car."


The park was then sealed off by gardai.

A source said: "It is not believed the injuries are too serious, but it is thought he suffered concussion in the attack. He was confused afterwards, which would be consistent with the injuries he received."