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Thugs beat pizza delivery man and crash his car


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

A PIZZA delivery man was beaten by thugs before they stole his car in Clondalkin.

The shocking incident happened at 10.30pm on Saturday night at Woodford Crescent.

According to a Garda spokesman, the 24-year-old victim was approached by two men and assaulted.

The men took the delivery man's keys before driving off and crashing the vehicle.

A 23-year-old man was arrested and taken to Clondalkin Garda Station.

He was released without charge yesterday morning and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

"The area itself would be very quiet so I'm shocked it would happen out there," said local Fianna Fail councillor Trevor Gilligan.

He said that he has heard of similar incidents elsewhere.

"It's something which is becoming common enough," he said.

"Sometimes people ring up with no intention of getting the food.

"They ring up to lure people in, and that's when they go robbing. Nobody wins in situations like these. The service is either removed or suspended for a while.

"The main thing is the man is alright.

"No one should go through something like that. My thoughts go out to him.

"It's a big shame," Cllr Gilligan added.