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Thugs back on streets hours after being jailed





Gardai have major concerns that serious criminals who are handed down short sentences are being allowed out of jail just hours after being committed to prison.

Senior sources say that the problem is "especially acute" in relation to Dublin city centre where thugs who are responsible for multiple crimes in the locality are released from jail on the same day that they have been incarcerated.

A senior source explained that last week officers from Pearse Street Garda station lodged one of Dublin's most prolific thieves into Mountjoy Prison in relation to four separate committal warrants which stated that the criminal should spend six weeks in custody.

Shockingly, the 23-year-old thug who is from the south inner city was then observed by officers stalking the streets just three hours after being committed to prison.

Sources say that the notorious criminal has been responsible for a spate of crimes in the Temple Bar area of the city

A close associate of the criminal was caught with knives twice in the space of a week this month and was given bail by the courts on both occasions.

The situation has left frontline gardai extremely concerned about future crimes.

The suspect who was released after just three hours is facing serious charges before the courts but already has multiple previous convictions.

He was previously given a three-year jail sentence after he admitted charges of assault causing harm, violent disorder and production of a knife in July and December 2009.

Before that conviction, he was already convicted of a number of other serious offences.

A senior garda source explained: "There seems to be a huge lack of prison spaces at the moment if fellas like this can just get out.

"Apart from people being let out after a few hours, gardai are seeing that criminals are getting temporary release sometimes less than one week into a six-month sentence.

"In lots of these cases, these people are re-arrested by gardai just hours or days after their release for carrying out other crimes. It's a joke."