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Thug walked around with a hole in his face after shooting

"Once he was arrested, he got proper medical treatment. This shows what a mad f***er he is – he clearly burgled the wrong house."

The notorious siblings – one aged in their 20s and the other in his 30s – are individually being investigated for three armed robberies and one attempted armed robbery of the same Finglas off-licence over the last few weeks.

The duo are also the chief suspects for hijacking five taxis as well as armed robberies of around ten convenience stores and bookies in the Finglas area since Christmas.

The younger of the two brothers was being questioned last night at Finglas Garda Station after being caught with a replica handgun outside the off-licence at the Jolly Toper pub at 9pm on Wednesday.

His older brother, who is now back in jail for breaching High Court bail, is also being investigated for robbing the same off-licence on two occasions during the Christmas period.


The Herald can reveal the older brother was lucky to escape with his life when he was shot in the cheek and the arm by a handgun as he sat in a jeep at Barry Park, Finglas, last week.

Sources say that detectives are working on the theory that the criminal was shot after he was blamed by a notorious drug dealer and cash-in-transit robber for breaking into the house of an associate of his. The older sibling is also believed by gardai to be the man behind a spate of gunpoint robberies on taxi drivers in the same area of Finglas close to his home – all in the space of just one week.

The lone male passenger hailed the taxis and asked them to drive to the Deanstown area. He then pulled a gun from his jacket and made off with small sums of cash.

The suspect was questioned, and a file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the criminal sent back to jail because of outstanding issues against him.