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Thug tried to kill garda in ambush says witness

BALLYFERMOT residents have described the shock ramming of a group of gardai with a stolen jeep on Halloween night as "attempted murder".

They were speaking in the aftermath of the Monday night mayhem where groups of gardai were targeted with fleets of stolen jeeps that drove through the area as children went trick-or-treating.

In one incident on Blackditch Road, two gardai were hospitalised after being hit by the vehicles. Garda Linda Bury was pinned under one jeep after it crashed into a wall. Her colleague Sinead Connolly was also treated after the crash.

One local man described what he saw to the Herald.

"I had just gone to bed when I heard a smack and saw a flash of light outside, and saw a squad car in the middle of the road and a jeep buried in a wall a few doors down," he said.

"Then a group of gardai came up and were dealing with the driver, and about five minutes later the next jeep came," he added. "There were three gardai up at the first jeep and I felt so sorry for the girl in the middle, because the second jeep just came across the road and smashed into them and she got stuck underneath it," he explained. "I thought she was dead. Her colleagues were trying to help her, and I could hear her crying out as they tried to pull the jeep back off her.

"It looked to me like a deliberate attempt to ram them, it looked like attempted murder to me."