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Thug breaks garda's arm during arrest

A BRAVE female garda suffered a broken arm when she was attacked by a crazed heroin addict.

The officer was responding to reports that a thug was interfering with cars in a west Dublin housing estate when the assault occurred.

The terrifying incident unfolded at the Monastery Drive estate in Clondalkin at 4.15am on Monday and led to a garda car being rammed before officers made two arrests – a notorious brother and sister.

The Herald has learned that the 35-year-old suspect who was involved in the assault on the garda was returned to Wheatfield Prison on Monday night as he had been unlawfully at large from the jail.

A senior source explained that when the two officers arrived at the estate, they noticed the criminal trying to break into a car.

The unarmed uniformed gardai confronted the suspect who lunged at and threatened the female garda before pushing her to the ground.


"She got a right bang and ended up having a fractured arm. However, in the heat of the incident, she did not realise that her arm had been cracked," said the source.

The criminal then ran towards a Honda Civic car, which was not stolen and was being driven by his sister.

The brother and sister, who are from the nearby St Ronan's Green estate, then tried to get away but were pursued by the garda patrol car. The female driver rammed the garda car, causing it "considerable damage", the source said. The short pursuit ended when the Honda reversed into a tree.

The criminal siblings tried to flee on foot but were chased by the two brave officers, who used pepper spray to subdue them before they were arrested.

The brother and sister were brought to Clondalkin Garda Station and while there gardai established that the 35-year-old was unlawfully at large from Wheatfield Prison.

He was returned him to jail around 12 hours after the incidents while his sister remained in custody overnight. She was released without charge yesterday. A file will be prepared for the DPP.