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Three quizzed over car madness

THREE teenagers have been questioned and two cars seized after the Herald alerted the Road Safety Authority to a YouTube video of "dumb" and "reckless" drivers.

The three men, all in their late teens, were picked up by gardai yesterday in Nenagh after the video pictured the men individually, gave their nicknames and showed the registration plates of their cars.

Dozens of passing motorists managed to avoid the crazed drivers who crossed white lines and hung out of their cars for their own amusement

The content of the video prompted AA spokesman Conor Faughnan to brand the men "Ireland's Dumbest Criminals".

The Garda National Traffic Bureau were alerted to the video by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) who received a copy of the video from the Herald on Monday afternoon.

It's believed that the film was recorded recently on the roads around Killaloe, Co Clare, and posted prior to the weekend, just days after the most devastating crash on Irish roads.


Eight men lost their lives in a two-car collision in Buncrana , Co Donegal, just days before the video was uploaded.

Safety chiefs called on the men in the YouTube video to be banned from the road, claiming that "stupidity should not be punishable by death".

Most of the footage centres on the driving of a Toyota Glanza which is shot by a phone camera held by a man hanging out of a sunroof.

The men overtake at speed repeatedly passing each other out at high speed, motioning with delight at their antics. One shot shows a driver with his feet hanging out of the car.

Noel Brett, the CEO of the RSA, has called on parents to be vigilant if they suspect their children are involved in such activity.

RSA spokesperson, Brian Farrell said: "Given what happened in Donegal last week this is absolutely outrageous, irresponsible behaviour. These guys are obviously using public roads as a playground."