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Three out of four children recognise beer labels

CHILDREN as young as 10 are more familiar with leading alcohol brands than those for snacks, according to a survey.

Research involving more than 400 children aged 10 and 11 found 79pc recognised Carlsberg as an alcoholic drink.

This was higher than the proportion recognising Ben and Jerry's as a brand of ice cream (74pc) and Mr Kipling cakes as a food (41pc).

Some 79pc of those surveyed also recognised the logo for Smirnoff vodka, with awareness highest among those pupils who had tried alcohol.

The study, for Alcohol Concern, involved showing the brand names and logos of common alcohol products, as well as TV alcohol advertisements.

Youngsters were also shown brand images, logos and TV adverts for popular non-alcoholic products such as soft drinks and breakfast cereals.

The children were asked to say whether the products were a "food", "soft drink" or "alcoholic drink".


The study found (75pc) correctly associated an image of the fictional characters Brad and Dan from a Fosters TV advert with alcohol.

This was higher than those who correctly identified an image from a Cadbury's drumming gorilla advert as being for a food product (42pc).

Mark Leyshon, of Alcohol Concern, said: "The drinks industry asserts very strongly that it doesn't aim its advertising at children.

"However, this new study provides more evidence that alcohol marketing messages are getting through to young people well before they are legally able to buy alcohol."