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Three on €50k heroin charge Jobless man broke window A quarter more people on dole Youth accused of €45k theft

THREE people charged in connection with the seizure of €50,000 worth of heroin in Dublin have been remanded on bail for one week for the service of the book of evidence at Dublin District Court.

Ross Buckley (21), his partner Barbara Campion (22), with an address at The Beeches, Briarsfield, Limerick, are accused of possession of heroin and having the drug for sale or supply at the N2 North Road, Finglas on August 4 last year. Gerard Ledwidge (25), of Cappagh Rd, Finglas, is also charged with possession of heroin and having the drug for sale or supply at Ratoath Drive, Finglas on August 4.

Jobless man broke window

A JOBLESS man who smashed a car window in a park said that he had a tough 2009, as two people close to him passed away.

John Douglas (25), with an address at O'Devaney Gardens, North Circular Road, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to a charge of criminal damage.

The incident took place on Fountain Road in the Phoenix Park on May 10 last year.

The judge sentenced him to four months in prison.

A quarter more people on dole

THE NUMBER of people drawing the dole increased by a quarter in the past year.

The data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) revealed that, in the 12 months to February 2010, the live register increased by 84,503 or 24pc.

"All regions showed annual increases with the largest percentage increase in the mid-west region (27.5pc). The border region had the smallest percentage increase (19.7pc)," the CSO stated.

Youth accused of €45k theft

A DUBLIN youth charged with stealing €45,000 during a burglary has been remanded on bail.

The 17-year-old boy appeared at the Dublin Children's Court facing burglary, trespassing, drink driving and criminal damage charges.

He is accused of theft of €45,000 during a burglary in Murrisk, Westport, Co Mayo on August 17, 2008 and stealing €100 during another burglary, also in Westport on the previous date.