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Three OAPs tied up and beaten in savage home raid

TWO elderly women and their brother were left tied up and bleeding heavily in their own home after all were viciously assaulted during a robbery.

After receiving several wounds from two assailants armed with a sword and knives, Willie (74), Nora (72) and Chrissie (66) Creed freed themselves and called their brother to help them at their isolated home in east Limerick.

Last night, Tom Creed told the Herald that he was horrified by the bloody scene which greeted him when he went to rescue his brother and sisters on the outskirts of Pallasgreen, Co Limerick, on Thursday night.

"Two fellas as far as we can gather came at 10pm," Tom Creed said.

"One of them scratched at the door and my sister -- Nora I think -- thought it was a cat and she opened the door to let the cat in. Your man ambushed in on top of her and knocked her clean over," he said.

The assailants wore ski masks and were armed with a homemade sword and two knives. They immediately assaulted all three pensioners.

"My brother (Willie) was in bed and got up. He probably made a go for one of them, but they hit him a fair bit," Tom Creed said.

"I don't know how many stitches he got, but his head was in a fair state. Willie got the worst of it -- he got an awful dusting, blood everywhere.

"Chrissie was on the phone trying to ring me and they caught her on the phone and made s*** of it. She has a black eye and is bruised on the face. They were put into a bedroom and tied up," he added.

The house was then completely ransacked.

"Willie got free eventually, but they were afraid to come out of the bedroom. One of their mobiles was plugged in to the charger and they rang me around midnight.


"I was absolutely shocked by what I have seen. It was a scary kind of scene. My brother was covered in blood."

"The house was torn asunder by them. One of the sisters' purses only had €5 or €6 in it and they tossed it out on the floor and left it."

All three wounded pensioners were brought to University Hospital Limerick where they were treated and released.

The incident has left the Pallasgreen community and wider area completely shocked.

Local councillor, Mary Harty said the Creed family are extremely quiet.

"Nora cycles into the village each day on her 'high nelly' bike to look after her cousin and give him dinner," she said.

"Willie would walk in and say hello to everyone he meets. He is very friendly. I can't stress how saddened we are to hear this," Ms Harty added.

The violent robbery took place just a month after a nearby family were robbed.

Anyone with information is asked to contact gardai on 061-382940.