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Three needed hospital as slagging match over Man Utd game erupted

Gardai are investigating a drunken brawl which resulted in three men being hospitalised after a row about a Manchester United game turned sour.

The incident occurred after two males were asked to leave the bar at the St Colmcille's GAA Club in Swords, north county Dublin.

Another man followed and the row ensued at a bus stop outside the club grounds.

The row broke out over a slagging match between the individuals following Manchester United's victory over Arsenal at around 9pm on Sunday, January 31.


Gardai were called to the scene where they discovered that one of the men was unconscious, another had a head injury while the third had been slashed across the face.

One of the men involved in the incident is a current member of the club's senior team.

"There were three serious assaults at St Colmcille's GAA club and three men were taken to hospital," said a senior garda.

"One received a slash wound to his face, while two others were hospitalised with head injuries. One was unresponsive at the scene, but later came around in hospital.

"Following x-rays, it was determined there were no skull fractures. No arrests have been made to date."

The man that received the "slash wound" to his face was brought to James Connolly Hospital, and the two males who suffered head injuries where taken to Beaumont.

All three are recovering from "non life-threatening injuries".

The fight came as a result of an argument that took place in the bar after the Sunday evening game, the two men involved were asked by bar staff to leave and they were followed by another man.

The slagging match continued and a scuffle broke out at a bus stop outside the club grounds. The men involved are said to be recovering from their injuries.

CCTV footage from the clubhouse has been viewed by gardai and a meeting has taken place between club officials and gardai to discuss the circumstances surrounding the incident.

St Colmcille's Club chairman Gavin Reynolds insisted that the incident may have originated on the club's premises but the brawl took place outside the club grounds.

"We have a zero tolerance stance on violent and unruly behaviour," he said.

"We're a football club trying to attract young people and families into the area and we are going to have to repair the serious damage done to the club's reputation.

"Our bar staff asked them to leave when things threatened to boil over as far as I'm concerned, we behaved correctly."

Local Labour councillor Gerry McGuire said that, St Colmcille's was a well-known club in the area that would certainly not be encouraging this type of behaviour.

He said: "It's shame these three men would behave like they did and tarnish the reputation of a proud, progressive club."