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Three-horse race to nab place on FF ticket in Bertie's base


Brian Mohan is set to run

Brian Mohan is set to run

Bertie Ahern

Bertie Ahern


Brian Mohan is set to run

It's set to be a three-horse race to secure a place on the Fianna Fail General Election ticket in former taosieach Bertie Ahern's back yard.

Nominations in Dublin Central closed yesterday evening with councillor Mary Fitzpatrick, comhairle chairman Brian Mohan and long-time member Denise McMorrow all seeking to run in the constituency.

Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick is set to renew her rivalry with Brian Mohan.

If selected, this will be her third general election campaign having failed to win a seat in her two previous efforts.

It was expected Mr Mohan would seek the nomination after pressure from party members to ensure a younger candidate is put forward.


He contested last year's local elections but failed to win a seat.

He is supported by Mr Ahern, who spoke at a meeting as part of Mohan's local election campaign where the former taoiseach criticised party leader Micheal Martin.

Mr Ahern is also close friends with Mr Mohan's father Noel, who he said "worked his toenails off for me" during previous campaigns.

Last night, Brian Mohan confirmed he had been nominated and said if selected to contest the election he would continue his work "to rebuild the party from local level up".

"If the members want me to contest the election I will do everything I can to work with them to win back the seat," he said.

Denise McMorrow is relatively unknown, with some party sources surprised by her decision to seek the nomination. She works in Dublin City University.

It was expected Cllr David Costello would seek the nomination.

"I made the decision last week not to seek it and want to complete my full term as a councillor. I'm still relatively new to politics and to Fianna Fail and have a newborn baby. I would like to get more experience first," he said.

There had been speculation that All-Ireland winner Ger Brennan would seek to contest the vote after he joined Fianna Fail in June of this year.

He had been an outspoken 'No' vote during the same-sex marriage referendum campaign and said at the time he was joining the party to get involved locally.

At the time Brennan ruled out running for the party in the upcoming General Election.

"If you were to follow me around in my life for a couple of days you'd see how busy it is in terms of work and sports," he said when asked by the Herald if he'd seek a place on the ticket.

"I'd rarely get 10 minutes for myself so there wouldn't be a chance of me doing that."