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Threats to life of Herald reporter

GARDAI are probing a serious threat made against the life of Evening Herald Crime Correspondent Ken Foy and another journalist.

The threat against the journalists was made by an associate of the criminal Karl Fay (21) who was the intended target of Dublin's latest shooting.

An associate of Fay rang Sunday World journalist Mick McCaffrey's phone yesterday and threatened to circulate the personal details of both writers.

The caller said that Mr Fay should not have been named in the newspapers.

The eight-minute phone call was recorded by a colleague of Mr McCaffrey's.

"I'm going to make sure before the night is out that Mick McCaffrey's address is known by every gangster in Dublin," said the caller.

Later, the man added: "I'll put Ken Foy's address on Facebook, so everybody will know it."

Gardai in Store Street, Kevin Street and Crumlin Garda Stations are investigating.