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Thousands to hit Temple Bar two-day party

TEMPLE Bar is to stage a music festival for up to 2,000 people on the June bank holiday weekend.

Styled Forbidden Fruit Night, it is being planned as an extension of the two-day Forbidden Fruit Festival being held at The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, on Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2.

Some festival-goers will be transferred by bus from Kilmainham to Temple Bar for gigs that will run from 11pm until 2pm for the first event of its type in the city.

City Councillor Mannix Flynn (Ind), who represents the area, said the idea was to be "cautiously welcomed" once the residents concerns about noise pollution had been met.

"There were some issues with recent gigs, but this particular festival would be a new departure, starting at 11pm and finishing at 2am or 3am," he said.

"You can't halt or stop everything but more and more residents are not very happy with the noise," he said.

But he said venues were losing their audiences and more and more late-night, open-air concerts were taking place around the city.



"We just have to have all the criteria and the protocols right," Cllr Flynn told the Herald.

People had complained that once venues were closed, staff collected up the bottles and deposited them in bottle banks.

"You just have to treat noise pollution in the same way as waste management," he said.

"It's a new departure and we just have to get it right," the councillor said.

"I understand there are no major objections from the Garda Siochana or from many of the businesses in the area. Residents have got to be made aware of this too."

The City Council was looking at plans for areas like Merrion Square Park, Mountjoy Square, the Docklands and other open areas in the city.

"There's no reason why they can't be used. You can't just lock up these places at 4pm," he said.

"It's not just about Temple Bar. There's no reason why it would not go well if it can be managed," he added.

The planned festival would use not just Temple Bar's Meeting House Square, but also have venues in the IFI, Eustace St, Crowe St and other venues, Cllr Flynn added.