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Thousands of Children's Bill copies destroyed after error

THOUSANDS of printed copies of the children's rights referendum will have to be destroyed after a mistake was made in the title.

The Department of the Environment confirmed that they had been distributed after a "limited" print run had taken place.

"There was an issue and the printers will rectify the situation as soon as possible. The correct version of the Bill will be circulated to all post offices in the coming days," a spokeswoman said.

There will be no cost to the taxpayer and new versions would be produced "at the printer's expense."

The correct version was available to view on the Oireachtas website.


The copies of the Bill, which mistakenly said that an amendment to Article 40 of the Constitution was proposed, were sent to post offices across the country.

Article 40 is of particular concern to anti-abortion campaigners because it contains a statement that the State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn.

The referendum actually proposes to insert Article 42A, entitled Children, into the Constitution, aiming to protect children at risk and make it easier for the children of married parents to be adopted.