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This is what happens when mum goes on strike

EVERY mother has thought about it as they cleaned up after their sons and daughters for the thousandth time -- 'That's it, I'm going on strike'.

But what would happen if you actually went through with the threat? The answer is this.

Mum-of-three Jessica Stilwell sat down amid the clutter left by her three daughters and decided enough was enough.

She took to her Facebook page and said she would no longer clean up after the girls she jokingly called "basement trolls".

"This working mum has gone on strike," she wrote.

Sitting back with a glass of wine, she began recording how her home in Calgary, Canada, descended into a chaotic pigsty.

The results of her "strike" became an internet hit, followed by an army of mothers.

Mrs Stilwell, a social worker, did not tell her twin daughters Olivia and Peyton (12) and their sister Quinn (10) about her "experiment".

Her husband, Dylan, was in on the plot. She secretly washed her own cutlery.

The house was soon enveloped by an "aroma of two-day-old garlic dip".

On day four, one of her daughters told her 17 times that the kitchen was "disgusting" but still did nothing about it.

By day six the girls eventually caved in, with one of them begging for help to clean up.

Mrs Stilwell said: "They actually began turning against each other. It got ugly."

When she told them of her experiment, one of her daughters said: "Kids have parents for a reason, to clean up after them."

Mrs Stilwell said she hoped that her girls had learned some "real life skills".