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'This could easily have been a child' - victim of attack by Akita dog


Akitas are known to be an aggressive breed

Akitas are known to be an aggressive breed

Akitas are known to be an aggressive breed

A Meath pet lover was savagely bitten while trying to stave off a vicious Akita from attacking her rescue dog in a terrifying incident last week.

Lesley Kane is currently on antibiotics for an infection from the bite she got in the terrifying daylight attack in Ratoath last Thursday afternoon.

Ms Kane's two-year-old border collie, Colt, was uninjured but remains very shaken and scared after the incident.

She is now appealing to dog owners to keep muzzles on so-called 'dangerous' breeds.

"My husband Paul and I were walking Colt up to Paul Kelly, the vet in the village, to get his shots at about 4pm when we spotted the Akita," she said.

"The local community had issued an alert on social media earlier about the straying dog so all the parents had taken their children in.

"When we saw him, it was like watching a wolf on a hunt, a real muscular predator.

"It all happened so quickly but this Akita just pounced on Colt and he was all over him. We were trying to kick him off but you wouldn't believe the strength of him.

"It was heartbreaking listening to the squeals of Colt.

"The Akita went for Colt's neck and I just stuck my hand in to try to stave him off as I know if he had got his neck, my dog would be dead.

"It all happened in a split second and he bit me on the hand. But it was enough time for Colt to run.

"We call him Usain Colt because of his speed and I think that helped him too.

"The Akita chased him up to Tesco where he went to attack him again but for the quick actions of Sean Buchanan who we can't thank enough.

"He managed to stop the Akita and Colt bolted. Someone managed to get the Akita on a lead and brought him to the vets where his chip could be read to trace the owner."


Ms Kane says that people were looking on with their head in their hands, fully sure they were about to witness her dog be torn apart.

"I just kicked off my flip flops and dropped my bag and phone and everything to run after Colt, so I was left running in my bare feet with blood dripping everywhere," she said.

"People were literally holding their head in their hands looking on, fully sure they were going to see this little creature ripped to pieces."

Colt got the all-clear from the vet and Lesley was put on a course of antibiotics for an infected bite wound on her hand.

"He is traumatised though and afraid to go out for a walk. I'm OK, but I have no doubt that if I didn't put my hand in he'd be dead."

Lesley said the owner of the Akita made contact to apologise for the dog, which apparently escaped from his back garden.

However, she has still logged the incident with gardaĆ­ in case of a recurrence.

"I'm a complete animal lover but it's the law that these dogs have to be muzzled and an estate where there are young kids playing is no place for this breed of dog.

"The reason I'm highlighting this is that my dog could easily have been a young child. Owners need to be more responsible if they own dogs which are aggressive by nature. They need to be securely kept in or muzzled and on a lead if out and about."