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This €890 handbag is sold out, but we found a €13 lookalike

KATE MIDDLETON'S must-have bag is sold out in Ireland - despite its eye-watering €890 price tag.

Amid our economic woes, fashion followers appear willing to splash out their hard-earned cash on the Mulberry Polly Push Lock bag to stay trendy.

Shoppers have been queuing up to get hold of Kate's hot accessory and 40 unlucky customers have already been turned away.

For regular people who cannot afford to drop €900 on a bag, Penneys have come to the rescue with their own version.

With similar detailing and in a range of colours, it retails at an affordable €13.

The Mulberry Polly Push Lock has completely sold out in Dundrum Town Centre and those looking to get their hands on one must now join a 'very long' waiting list.

Although it only hit Irish shelves in July, the limited edition Polly Push Lock is already unavailable in Kate's midnight colour and there will be no more coming in.

Due to its popularity, the brand concession in Dundrum has had to courier one of the bags in from London for a hopeful customer.

"Someone came up from Galway especially for the bag -- but we had sold out," Christina Williams of Mulberry, at House of Fraser, revealed to the Herald.

"We had to ring up stores in the UK before we eventually found one in Bond Street in London -- we're having it couriered over.

"Another customer came up from Cork and one woman arrived with €550 in gift vouchers -- there's such a demand."

Following Kate's nod of approval, the Mulberry design featured on TV3's Xpose, providing a further sales boost for the brand in Dublin.

Known for creating bags that everyone wants, Mulberry has seen major success with its luxuriously chic and detailed bags in the past.