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Thirsty work ... tea and coffee bill for banking probe tops €900


Ciaran Lynch TD

Ciaran Lynch TD

Ciaran Lynch TD

The tea and coffee bill for the Oireachtas banking inquiry for the first three months of this year came to more than €900.

The €908.20 spend on the tea and coffee refreshments for the inquiry's public hearings is part of a spend of €390,308 on miscellaneous items under the heading of non-payroll expenditure at the banking inquiry for the first quarter of this year.

The total spend between payroll and non-payroll for the three months tops €1.1m that includes €710,200 in payroll costs.

The figures, released in response to a Freedom of Information request, show that a panel of legal advisers received €98,061 for the first quarter while consultants FTI Consulting Ireland Ltd has received €103,626 for expert advice for the inquiry's 'context phase'.

A further €47,355 was paid to recruitment firm, Hays Specialist Recruitment (Ireland) Ltd for the recruitment of investigators.

The investigators on the inquiry have been paid €359,564 between January and March with a further €47,919 paid to banking inquiry members' parliamentary assistants.

Pay for staff at the Oireachtas banking inquiry totalled €302,717 for the first quarter.

It was revealed earlier this year that lawyers providing expert advice to the Oireachtas banking inquiry were charging €264 per hour in its preparatory phase.

With the inquiry up and running, its external legal costs for the first quarter total €98,061.

Beauchamps Solicitors were paid €30,393 in the first quarter while Charles Meenan SC received €9,111, Niall O'Hanlon BL received €6,266 with Patricia O'Sullivan Lacy BL receiving €12,283 along with Sara Moorhead SC receiving €7,638.

The largest payout to any barrister by the inquiry was to Patrick McCann SC who was paid €31,367.