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Third baby will be my last, insists TV3's Sybil

TV mum-to-be Sybil Mulcahy has admitted that her latest pregnancy wasn't planned and this will be her last baby.

The TV3 Morning Show presenter announced earlier this month that she was pregnant with her third child.

The mum to Hugh (5) and Genevieve (3), who is 17 weeks pregnant, says she is delighted to become a mum again, but this is the last baby for her and husband John Prendeville

"It was slightly accidental, but great at the same time. But this is it. This is definitely the last time. Three is enough.

"My youngest Genevieve is three and a half so there is a bit of an age gap but she and Hugh will have a new little brother or sister soon and that's always nice," she said.

The presenter says she won't be finding out the sex of the new bundle of joy before the birth. Even though the top host is working hectic hours in TV3, Sybil (32) says she is used to working all hours while she is pregnant.

"The last time I was pregnant I was working on Xpose and was flying to London every five minutes. And during my first pregnancy I was working as a news reporter so my life has always been hectic, it's pretty much the same with this pregnancy.


"I'm feeling great now, I'm over the sickness part. I always get sick at the beginning, with the vomiting and nausea and everything but that's over now thankfully. I've kind of forgotten about it now, I feel back to normal.

"If anything it's actually easier this time round working on The Morning Show because I am always based in Dublin now. And working in the mornings suits me fine, I haven't had a lie in since Hugh came along five years ago."

With Sybil's expanding family the Dublin star says she and husband of seven years John are searching for a bigger house.

Although the pair have been renting a house in Monkstown for the last few years, Sybil says they are looking to move into a big family home before the baby comes.

"We are trying to buy a house at the moment. We don't have an extra room in our place now. It would be really nice to have a house, we have been renting for the past couple of years so it would be great, but I'm not sure if it is going to happen for a while."