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'Things have been difficult since 'accident' left Bobby dead' - Pete


Shot boxing trainer Pete Taylor speaks to Lydia Des Dolles, the host of MMA Connect TV

Shot boxing trainer Pete Taylor speaks to Lydia Des Dolles, the host of MMA Connect TV

Shot boxing trainer Pete Taylor speaks to Lydia Des Dolles, the host of MMA Connect TV

Boxing trainer Pete Taylor has returned to the ring - and was back training MTK-managed fighters less than three months after the shooting at Bray Boxing Club that claimed the life of dad-of-three Bobby Messett.

Photos show Taylor back in action - with his arm still wrapped in a protective cast - training MTK-managed boxers Gary Cully, Luke Keeler, Sean Turner and Davey Oliver Joyce at the Colosseum Gym in Ballyfermot last month.

During a fight camp ahead of Keeler's victory over Britain's Dwayne Grant at Windsor Park on August 18, Taylor gave a recorded interview, later posted on the Colosseum Gym's Facebook page, during which he referred to his being shot as "an accident".

Grandfather Mr Messett lost his life in the shooting on June 5, while the father of Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor sustained serious injuries.

Another man, Ian Britton, was also shot in the legs.

"The most important thing about coaching is having a good relationship with your boxers... that's why so many father-son, father-daughter relationships work well in the ring," Taylor said.

"I know for myself and the accident I had a few months ago… the messages of support I got from all the lads I trained from years and years ago."


Taylor also referred for the first time to the difficulties he was encountering as a trainer caused by the injury to his arm.

"I love the technical part of the boxing - it's very difficult at the moment trying to demonstrate it, but yeah I love that part," he said.

Taylor has been unable to return to Bray Boxing Club in the wake of the shooting after Wicklow County Council took possession of the premises.

It is a move of which Taylor has been extremely critical, and one which he has addressed on his Twitter account several times over the past month.

"Days after the shooting occurred, Bray Town Council changed the locks of the premises while I was hospitalised and have failed to provide keys despite our desire to continue running the club which has operated in Bray since 1996," he wrote.

Speaking five weeks after the shooting, Taylor - who has been warned by gardai that his life is in danger - described himself as homeless and jobless.

He also said he had moved out of the rented house in Bray where he had been staying after he was told by the landlord that neighbours were now fearful.

In a social media post last month, Taylor's partner Karen Brown said the couple planned to "seize" new opportunities after a "turbulent summer".