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Thieving Dumbrell sister abused gardai

A SISTER of convicted murderers Warren and Jeffrey Dumbrell roared threats that she would "get" gardai after she was arrested for shoplifting in a Dublin supermarket, a court has heard.

Leonie Dumbrell (32) went berserk when she was taken into custody, spitting at one garda, headbutting her cell door, calling officers "scumbags" and shouting "I'm a Dumbrell."

Earlier, the single mother-of-one had thrown a "huge, smoked ham" at a supermarket security guard and put up a violent struggle with officers when she was caught filling her bag with groceries and trying to leave without paying.

She was acquitted of damaging her cell by urinating on it after a judge ruled there was no evidence it had cost the gardai anything to clean it up.

Dumbrell, with an address at Eugene Street, Dublin 8, was convicted at Dublin District Court of theft at Lidl, Cork Street on February 26 last, causing a breach of the peace and violent behaviour at Kevin Street Garda Station.

She had admitted the violent behaviour charge but denied the other two. She also pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal damage to her cell and had that dismissed.


Judge William Early adjourned her case for a probation report, describing her behaviour as "outrageous" and warning she faced jail if the report was not favourable or if she got into trouble again.

The court heard the former ice-cream shop worker had previous convictions going back to the late 1990s, but had "reformed" in recent years and the sentencing of her brothers for murder "may have impacted on her behaviour".

Lidl staff gave evidence that Dumbrell became violent and refused to calm down when they caught her stealing groceries, including meat from a chiller cabinet.

Garda Sean Byrne said the accused was "very violent and hostile" when he was called to the shop. Staff had stopped her after seeing her place items into her own Lidl shoulder bag before passing the checkouts. She was restrained and brought to the garda station.

Garda Byrne said while she was in her cell, the accused urinated on the cell floor and wall.

The jailer on the night said Dumbrell spat in one garda's face, threatened to spit at others and told them to "f*** off and leave her alone".

"She said she would get them and she was a Dumbrell", the garda said.

The court heard she banged her head off the door and window, called one garda a "p***k" and said she would "get him on the outside".

Defence Barrister Barry Ward said the accused would say she only had items she had brought to the store in her bag. She would say she was "roughly" bundled into the garda station and into her cell without being given her notice of rights or access to a solicitor. Gardai denied this.

Mr Ward also pointed out that Dumbrell had been handcuffed for an hour and a half in the station, but gardai insisted this was for her own safety as well as theirs.

The court heard Dumbrell, who had 14 previous convictions, including supply of drugs, had a 14-year-old daughter.