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'Thieves took my dog Lucy that I bought with my Communion money'

A YOUNG Dublin girl is distraught after her dog, bought with her Communion money, was taken from the family garden.

Lucy, a whippet pup rescued by the DSPCA, has been with the Gargan family from Swords for the past year and a half.

But Alanah Gargan (10) is completely inconsolable after the family pet disappeared on Sunday.

Alanah paid €135 for the rescue dog and Lucy has been showered with love and affection since joining the Gargan family.


"We are just devastated, Alanah paid for her in the DSPCA with her own money," said Alanah's mother Naomi.

"She bought her with her Communion money."

Now the family are afraid that the dog who they believe was taken from the garden at around 5pm on Sunday, is in a distressed state in unfamiliar surroundings.

"Lucy is a very nervous dog and she had an awful start to life," Naomi explained.

"When we bought her she was petrified and we're just really worried about her."

"She has been neutered and microchipped," she added.

On Sunday, the family saw Lucy run to the end of their back garden where they believe she was then picked up.

Alanah and her brother Cian (12) have been helping their mum and dad put up posters in their desperate bid to track down the dog.

The tan bitch was wearing a pink collar when she disappeared and is unsuitable for use as a hunting dog as she broke her leg a number of years ago.

"She was in an awful state when we first got her, she was totally infested with worms," said Naomi.

"We had her wormed and we spent so much time and effort with her.

"I walk her three times a day, people see me walking her all the time," she added.

When they first adopted Lucy, the Gargan family underwent intensive interviews from DSPCA officers who vetted and observed the family to see if they were suitable.

The dog was found wandering around the area of Rathfarnham over two years ago.


Naomi has now begun a campaign on Twitter and online and has posting pictures of animal around post offices in north Dublin in an attempt to get her back.

She has reported the incident to Gardai and showed them the receipts of the payment from the DSPCA.

"We just want her home," Naomi said. "She's like another member of the family."

If anyone has any further information about the dog, please contact Swords Garda Station on 01-6664700 or email the Herald.