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Thieves steal jewellery and €4k in cash

BURGLARS stole €4,000 and an amount of jewellery from a first floor apartment in an early-morning raid.

The incident happened between 12.30 and 1am on Friday at an address at Golden Ridge in Rush, north county Dublin.

Gardai were called to the scene and arrived at around 1.30am to discover that the substantial sum of cash and jewellery were missing.

Officers undertook a technical examination of the apartment, and searched for fingerprint evidence.

Locals have taken to social media to warn residents of the area to stay vigilant in the wake of the crime.

"[They] took everything even though this particular apartment was on the first floor and was in the most bright place," one local wrote on Facebook.

"Be careful everyone," she added.

Another local told the Herald that the family in the apartment were in shock after what had happened.

"They are in shock now, so I'd give them a few days to recover," she said.

It is understood that the criminals managed to gain entry to the apartment through the front door and that nobody was seriously injured in the incident.

Officers at Lusk Garda Station are investigating the incident.

In a separate theft earlier this month, raiders stole €100,000 from a Chinese man who operates a takeaway and restaurant business.

The two robbers are understood to have targeted the man's apartment at Canterbury Gate, Mulhuddart, Dublin.

The apartment was ransacked and €100,000 in cash was stolen.

Investigating gardai believe the robbers were tipped off by someone who knew the businessman.

They fled from the scene with the cash on foot via fields towards a large industrial estate.

There was no one in the house when the two raiders broke in and ransacked the property before escaping with the large sum of cash.

The two suspects, who are believed to be Irish, fled across fields in the direction of Damastown Industrial Estate.