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Thieves hit our estate a dozen times in weeks

A DUBLIN estate has been targeted by thieves 12 times in 12 weeks, residents claimed today.

THE negative effects of garda cutbacks are being felt throughout the country, particularly in rural areas. But communities in suburban areas are also feeling the cutbacks.

Paul Doran, a resident on Monastery Walk in Clondalkin, claimed his housing estate has been targeted a dozen times in the past 12 weeks. "When I contacted my local politicians I was told they would forward my concerns to the local community garda," he said. "Yet when I rang the local garda station I was not even asked for my number, nor did anyone contact me since," he added.

"Local community gardai are under severe pressure due to ridiculous cutbacks and all of us are suffering."

Up to 95 garda stations closed this week all over Ireland, but Justice Minister Alan Shatter claimed garda stations do not act as a deterrent to burglaries.

Mr Shatter has refused to rule out more garda station closures in 2014.

He also made it clear he did not intend to scale back the decision to shut 100 stations this year, 95 of which were closed from midnight.

The minister argued strongly in favour of the move and said it was not about depriving communities but improving the quality of policing.