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Thieves hit 20 cars in smash and grab spree

THIEVES broke the windows of up to 20 cars in a huge smash and grab raid at a Dublin apartment block.

The thefts took place on Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning at the Tolka Vale apartments on the Finglas Road in west Dublin.

Gardai are investigating, but have made no arrests so far.

The identities of the thugs involved in the large-scale vandalism are not known.

It is unclear what was stolen over the course of the raids and the cost of the damage done.

Local Fine Gael councillor Bill Tormey claimed that 31 cars had been attacked outside the apartments since November.

"Residents are under siege. This is further to the systematic harassment at Prospect Hill apartments at Tolka Valley road/Finglas Road which has been a problem for the past two years," he said. "The latter problem has been the subject of residents' meetings with the gardai at Finglas and special meetings with members of the Finglas Safety Forum.

"When the gardai investigated the latest blitz on the quality of residents' lives, they found that the security cameras were not working.

"There has to be an immediate security response and a long term youth service, school intervention and parenting programme to address this chronic misbehaviour."

A spokesperson for glass repair and replace company Autoglass said such vandalism was taking place all over the country and seemed to be getting worse.