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Thief stole €400 iphone from doctor's surgery


Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly

A DUBLIN man stole an iPhone after he went to a doctor's surgery to pick up a sick cert, a court heard.

Patrick Daly (38) took the secretary's phone whilst she was making a cup of tea.

Finding Daly guilty, Judge Ann Watkin adjourned sentencing to November to allow him bring €500 compensation to court.

The defendant, of Shangan Green in Ballymun, was found guilty before Dublin District Court of stealing the phone from a doctor's surgery at Shanard Road in Santry on New Year's Eve last.

The doctor's secretary said she went to make a cup of tea after she saw a patient in to see the doctor.

She heard her iphone beep as she left the room, so knew it was there.

When she returned she discovered the phone, worth €400, was gone.

CCTV footage showed Daly was the only person in the office when the iphone went missing.

The court heard Daly has four previous convictions, but hasn't been in trouble for nearly two decades.

Defence solicitor Declan Fahy said the theft was opportunistic and Daly did not go into the doctor's surgery intending to steal the phone.

He was there to pick up a sick cert for his brother's girlfriend.

Mr Fahy said Daly has four children and is effectively a single father.

He also had a problem with heroin when he was a teenager but has been stabilised on methadone for many years.