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Thief stole €1,400 of tanning products

A YOUNG man who stole €1,400 worth of tanning products from a pharmacy was mixing with a bad crowd at the time.

Alexandru Szakacs (24) has not been in trouble for the last six months after his parents took "a very strong line with him".

Blanchardstown District Court heard that Szakacs comes from a good family and his parents were very unhappy with his behaviour.

Judge David McHugh fined him €100 and imposed a nine-month sentence suspended for one year.

The defendant, of Blarney Park in Kimmage, admitted to a charge of theft at Boots, Roselawn Shopping Centre in Blanchardstown on June 13, 2014.

Sergeant Mary Doherty said Szakacs entered the shop and took the cosmetics and tanning products, valued at €1,400. The property was not recovered.

The court heard Szakacs has eight previous convictions, including a number for theft related matters.

Defence solicitor Murrough O'Rourke said Szakacs is originally from Romania but came to live in Ireland 10 years ago.

Mr O'Rourke said the defendant got into some trouble last year when he started "mixing with a dicey lot".

The solicitor said Szakacs has not been in trouble for the last four or five months.

Mr O'Rourke said the defendant comes from a good family, his parents were unhappy with his behaviour and have taken a "strong line" with him.

Imposing a suspended sentence, Judge McHugh warned Mr Szakacs and said this was "100 per cent" the defendant's last chance.