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Thief mum faces jail for flouting road laws

A MOTHER-of-three who stole petrol from a garage while her children were in the car was driving despite five separate bans, a court heard.

Elaine Joyce (33) had been put off the road for 10 years when she drove her sister's car.

A judge at Dublin District Court adjourned the case and said he would consider giving her a community service order instead of a jail sentence. Joyce, of The Mills Apartments, Edenmore, Raheny, pleaded guilty.

She had 85 previous convictions, including 17 for theft and 64 for motoring offences. Of these, 17 were for uninsured driving. Joyce had been given suspended sentences four times.

"She is determined to get into custody," Judge William Hamill said. "She will be fortunate to get community service because her only response to getting disqualified is to drive again, then get in touch with her solicitor to get another suspended sentence."