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Thief knocked down by car as he flees scene


St Vincent's Hospital

St Vincent's Hospital

St Vincent's Hospital

A bungling burglar was knocked down by a car as he made his getaway from a break-in in Blackrock.

The man and two associates were fleeing from a house after being disturbed while trying to enter the property.

But the robber was hit by a car after running out onto Newtownpark Avenue in his efforts to escape from the scene.

His two masked accomplices carried him away from the scene in a hurry and dragged him into their getaway car and fleeing.

However, due to his injuries they then had no option but to bring him to nearby St Vincent's Hospital.

After being admitted and assessed, the man then had to have surgery to his ear.

"Three masked men, one who was armed with a hammer, were at a house in Blackrock at around 6pm on Saturday," said a source.

"They rang the bell and banged on the door to see if there was anybody in.

"When they had convinced themselves the house was empty, they removed a pane of glass but at that precise moment the owner answered the front door.

"The gang then fled when they realised that the house was occupied and they had been disturbed," they added.

But it was in their efforts to get away that the real trouble kicked off for the group.

The trio ran across the busy Newtownpark Avenue road and one was hit by a passing car.

The shocked motorist who knocked him down was perplexed as to why the man's associates carried him away rather than call an ambulance, because he had suffered significant injuries in the collision.

Gardai were alerted straight away and began checking with hospitals in the Dublin area.

They discovered a man fitting the description of the would-be burglar had been admitted to St Vincent's Hospital.

Gardai yesterday arrested a 36-year-old man in relation to the attempted burglary.

He was detained at Blackrock Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

It is believed that the gang involved in the incident are a group from the Travelling community.