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DUBLINER Megan Ross has battled thyroid cancer in the last year - but still managed to pull off eight higher level A1s in her Leaving Cert.

Megan (19) repeated her exams at St Joseph of Cluny Secondary School, Dun Laoghaire.

The teen has been described as a "remarkable girl with enormous potential" by principal Mary White and had to pause her education last year due to her cancer battle and still came out on top.

"I was shocked, I didn't expect it," said Megan. "I thought applied maths was really tough so I'm confused but absolutely thrilled."

Megan underwent an operation and faced chemotherapy treatment and said she couldn't wait to get stuck in.

"I was so happy to be back," she said. "I picked up two new subjects - physics and chemistry - and I had follow-up treatment over the summer but by the time the mocks came around I was fine."

The cancer survivor is now following a life-long dream of studying in the US.

"I got accepted to Harvard and Brown universities and I can't thank my school and my teachers enough for all their efforts and good references," she said.

Conor Gallagher topped the Dubliners - and the thousands of students around the country - by picking up a whopping 900 points in his Leaving Cert, with 9 A1s in higher level subjects.

Conor is an 18-year-old student at St Michael's college on the Ailesbury Road in Dublin 4.

And the modest Dubliner puts his amazing grades down to working hard all year.

"I tried to work consistently throughout the year," he said. "But I kept up football and rugby too because you have to strike a balance and I used them to relax."


Meanwhile, Anrai O'Draonain, from Collaiste Eoin in Stillorgan, sat all of his exams through Irish but he wasn't expecting 800 points.

"Collecting the results was surreal to be honest, I knew I had done well but I was worried about applied maths, so I was surprised when I opened the results," he said.

"At this stage I'm just grateful for the teachers I had, I couldn't have been given a better chance."

Another Dublin student who has 8 A1s in the bag is Monkstown native Carl Whelan.

"I didn't think the exams went that well for me at all, so I wasn't looking forward to the results," the 19-year-old told the Herald.

His unexpected points made him "pretty happy" and he is now going on to study science.

Christopher McMahon (17) from Castleknock Community College scored eight higher level A1s in his exams, but he was expecting it.

"I wasn't shocked, I expected to get in or around those grades," said Christopher. "But I was still nervous and I'm really, really pleased."

Triplets Daire, Oisin and Tristan Brady collected their results at Blackrock College Dublin together, but on this occasion, Daire took centre stage when he received 8 higher level A1s.

"I was quite shocked but I put in the work and so I expected to do quite well but definitely not that well, so I'm thrilled," said Daire.