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They call it puppy love . . . Maia spreads word to save 500 pooches

TV presenter Maia Dunphy has again shown her charitable side to help save some furry friends.

The Reality Bites star turned out at the Dogs Trust in Finglas yesterday to help get the message out about the rehoming centre's dedicated new puppy wing.

Construction on the building's vital addition is expected to be completed in time for summer, and the wing will save the lives of more than 500 puppies every year.

"The building of the puppy wing extension will dramatically increase capacity and the numbers saved annually," Kathrina Bentley of the Dogs Trust told the Herald.

"There will be an additional 500 puppies saved every year and it will also create jobs, so it's a win-win situation for us."

Maia joined Scooby and Daphne, the cutest five-week-old Husky terrier puppies, to pose for pictures and announce the happy news.

"The staff are just amazing out there and I really admire what they stand for," Dunphy said.

"Those dogs are the lucky ones. Irresponsible dog owners make me so angry, as do people who buy a designer dog online when there are so many in the pound."

The Dalkey-based host and her husband Johnny Vegas currently sponsor a dog in the UK.

Dunphy (37) is such a fan of the Dogs Trust that she also decided to auction her Valentine's Day gift from her other half in aid of the animal organisation.

Dunphy and Vegas married three years ago in an intimate ceremony in Maia's mother's home city of Seville.

They have maintained a long-distance marriage so far, but with Dunphy revealing plans to pack her bags and set up home with her hubby in London, no doubt the couple will soon be looking to take in a pet of their own.

The loved-up couple met on the Podge and Rodge show five years ago.