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'These guys should be prosecuted. It's absolutely appalling'


I want to see them prosecuted. We've always known about this, they've been arrogant and they've lied. And now the public service is paying for it. The Irish people are bearing the cost. I want to see people in jail.

– Ruth McDonnell (55), Cork

I want to see accountability. The details of this have to come out and prosecutions – like we've seen in other countries – need to happen. We need everything to come out together and people need to pay for what has happened.

– Alan Fletcher (60), Dublin 4

I want to see prosecutions. I want these guys involved to be prosecuted for this. I don't know whether this will actually happen, but it's something we need to see happen now.

– Tim McGrath (43), Cabinteely

We need a full enquiry to see who is accountable. We need to see the people accountable for the mess to be brought to task over what has happened. We've seen prosecutions in other countries, but we've seen nothing here yet. How can it have taken so long here? It's been five years.

– Adrian Molloy (42), Meath

I want to see a full enquiry into this. We need to set a precedent to ensure that we don't see it happen again. This can't ever happen again and we need a full Oireachtas enquiry to ensure it doesn't.

– Steve Tempany (34), Blackrock

I'm not sure about an enquiry because it will cost us millions like others have. It's unbelievable what happened. They should be prosecuted. It's absolutely appalling, but the cost is something that might stop it.

– Sile Stephens (56), Ranelagh

We definitely need to have an enquiry. We need to separate the incompetent people from the people who deliberately did wrong in all of this. We've heard the tapes and those who caused this need to be prosecuted, criminally.

– Denis Donohoe (47), Dun Laoghaire

I haven't heard all of the tapes yet, but we need to draw a line under it. We need to stop it coming out in dribs and drabs like it is now. We need to get to the bottom of it and then I want to see prosecutions coming out of it.

– Dairine Keogh, Dun Laoghaire