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Theresa seeks nation's upbeat tunes

Former Where in the World presenter Theresa Lowe will be back on our airwaves with a new pop-up radio station.

The presenter will team up with comedian Alan Shortt to spin upbeat music for Mental Health Awareness week in October.

Ms Lowe first appeared on RTE's travel quiz show in the 1990s, but now she's a practicing barrister.

She said she is looking forward to hanging up the wig and gown every morning to "have a bit of a laugh and a chat" on air on the pop-up station Upbeat on Air.

"I was a long time in television but my first love was genuinely always radio … so this seems to tick all the boxes and it is for a wonderful cause," she said.

"People invest so much time in their bodies and more superficial things but you can take on any challenge with a happy mind, so I think this week is going to be all about getting a really good mood going."

She will be joined on air by Alan Shortt, who first shot to fame with political satirical show Bull Island (2001).

And he said that he had his own experience with depression.

"Everybody in Ireland has had their moment when the darkness closes in," he said.


"I found that the way to get through it is to talk about it. You need to reach out for that help. Once you scratch the surface, everybody has a story and if they don't, they know somebody who does. It is through talking to people that we all get better," he added.

Organisers are on the look out for Ireland's most popular happy song and listeners can nominate their favourites online.

The station will air for 70 hours over the week starting October 6. Nominations can be made at upbeat.ie and choices will be shared on social media.