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There's no show like a Joe show... Well, apart from the Christy show

DUBLIN City councillor Christy Burke has a secret talent -- as a Joe Dolan impersonator.

Dublin's singing councillor was named the best Joe Dolan impersonator at the inaugural Joe Dolan Festival over the weekend.

Cllr Burke received a standing ovation for his rendition of Unchained Melody on Saturday.

The lifelong Joe Dolan fan was chosen by both judges and the audience to win recording time in Joe's old studio -- which will see him releasing his own charity song.

An elated Cllr Burke told the Herald: "All my life, I've always gone to see Joe Dolan in Dublin and in the country. I even have his LPs. It's like Elvis Presley, he'll never die, he lives on. I often impersonate him at weddings and local functions.

"The motto of the story is if I can break it in politics then I can break it onstage," he joked.

And the politician was invited back onstage on Sunday in Mullingar by Karen and The Dolans to sing another Joe song.

"It was a great weekend and they reckon they had about 6,000 fans there. When the competition came up, I said I'd go for it. The rest of the contestants were geared up in Joe Dolan suits and ties and one guy actually looked like him, but I beat them to it."

Cllr Burke's 54 year-old brother, who is both mentally and physically disabled, has been resident in Stewarts Hospital Palmerstown for 40 years, and Christy plans to donate any money made from sales of his record to the hospital.

"I'm going to do the recording, and hopefully it'll go out on sale and if we get a substantial sum I'll donate it to Stewarts Hospital.

"They do tremendous work and if the money will only even buy 20 sets of clothes, then so be it," he said.