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There's no age limit to success, claims sixty-something Celia

Model agent and style icon Celia Homan Lee is an illustrious example that there is no age limit on success.

And the former model says she has no plans on slowing down because she's busier than ever aged 63.

"This crazy busy time has only come along in the past few years, and I waited long enough for it," she said.

"I think I was 49 when the whole TV side of things started and profile got higher and we got a lot busier.

"So I am like the person who was waiting for something to happen, and now it has happened, I can't let go," she added.

Celia regularly appears on shows like Ireland AM and Xpose and believes she is the perfect example to people not to give up.

"They say it is never too late and I am the perfect example of that," she said.

"The bad thing is to give up. The good thing is to keep doing what you are doing. And then, if you are good at it, somebody always picks up on it," she told VIP magazine.