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'there's been no consultation with the locals and we're all worried about the smell'

"I wouldn't want it in the area. They say there's to be no smell off it but there probably is. I'd be concerned about what gas it would give off."

Sinead O'Neill (32)

"I wouldn't want it in my area. I'd be concerned about the smell. The smell of sewage wouldn't be good for you."

Maria Richardson (34)

"It has to be built somewhere. Ideally, you wouldn't want it in the area though. There would have to be safeguards, in terms of its environmental impact."

Victor Hackett (60)

"I don't want it. It's not right. People in the area haven't been consulted. I heard about it once and that was it.

It could be a danger in the area."

Jenny Coombes (31)

"I only heard today. As a fisherman, I would like to know what the impact is going to be on the Irish Sea. No one was consulted. You'd be worried there would be a smell."

William McIlroy (54)

"It has to be somewhere. Why not here? Everyone will have the NIMBY attitude. It would just be the default to say no. There's been no information so far though."

Barry Hurley