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There's a surprise, Dempsey can't make his mind up on 30k

MINISTER for Transport Noel Dempsey has left the door open for a U-turn as the fallout from the 30kph speed limit in Dublin city centre continues.

Dempsey looked to distance himself from increasing criticism of the scheme now in operation in Dublin, which may be extended to Cork and Galway.

He told infuriated drivers to "wait and see" how it works but said that the scheme should be given a "reasonable amount of time" before it is reviewed.

The scheme looks set to remain in place for at least six months but will be reviewed after that.

Dempsey has laid the blame for the new snail-paced limits at the door of Dublin City council.

"It is a matter for the local authority members, I'm sure they have studied it very, very carefully and made their decision. I would not question their decision at all, I think they have competence in that area," he said

"All of these things should be kept under review but it is a matter for the council themselves."

However, Dublin City Council is standing by the new limit, which is now reduced from 50kph. The move has met with much criticism from commuters and city centre traders.

Councillors who have been taking flack for the decision to bring in the new speed limits have been told by City management that they must live with their decision because they gave it the green light less than two months ago


The Fine Gael group on Dublin City Council called for the speed limit to be reconsidered in light of public reaction to it. Fine Gael, which holds 12 council seats and is the second strongest political party group after the Labour Party, said that they understood the negative public reaction to the speed limit.

Councillor Bill Tormey said: "While Fine Gael is supportive of the pedestrianisation policy for the core city centre, we feel that this speed limit should be restricted from 7am to 7pm.

"Let common sense prevail and let the nanny state mentality that has recently taken over the council be put aside in the interests of all the citizens in our capital."

The 30kph area stretches from Bolton Street on the northside to Kevin Street Lower and St Stephen's Green on the southside, and from Church Street and Bridge Street in the west to Gardiner Street, Tara Street and Dawson Street in the east side of the city.

The new limit was brought in to curb road accidents and dangerous driving.