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There's a new force in adland that promises some bright new ideas

Adland has a new creative agency whose founders claim to be doers rather than thinkers -- mavericks who will deliver ideas that tick the boxes instead of churning out fuzzy thinking.

Brand Artillery is the brainchild of former Irish International creative director Eoghan Nolan, pictured, and Colman Bourke, who was an art director at Ogilvy.

Nolan told Campaign Brief that they plan to target clients who favour a more flexible approach to ads. They are marketers who have had it with "institutionalised" agencies and will vote with their feet by walking away from the old way of doing business.

"Brand Artillery won't have any account executives," Nolan said. "We'll all service clients and produce ideas. Ads must do more heavy lifting. We'll want to be told about all the agencies in a pitch. You can't run a race if you don't know who you're up against."

Nolan said traditional agencies have tried to mend their ways but were hit by a double whammy -- the recession and the rise of digital. One or other of these factors would have triggered huge change but the two combined proved too much for agencies to handle.

Among the ads Nolan is noted for are Kerrygold, Yoplait, National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) and Simon Community.

Bourke's best work at Irish International included Donegal Catch and Carlsberg and at Ogilvy, Ulster Bank ads.

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