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'There is always something else around the corner', says Grainne


Grainne Seoige and fiancé Leon Jordaan

Grainne Seoige and fiancé Leon Jordaan

Grainne Seoige and fiancé Leon Jordaan

Grainne Seoige has opened up about losing her gig hosting Crimecall, insisting there is "always something else around the corner".

The TV host was recently rumoured to have been culled by RTE. However, she said she is still under contract with the national broadcaster despite no longer hosting Crimecall.

"Axed is a very aggressive and violent word," she said. "Just because something finishes, doesn't mean it's axed, it just means it has come to the end of its run.

"There is always something else around the corner, but they like to pronounce you dead sometimes. Then you get to rise from the ashes."

The Galway woman (43) has been one of Ireland's best-known TV presenters and admitted she often worried about what her mother Philomena would think when anything negative was said or written about her.

"I used to think of my poor mother reading it. That is her daughter," she said.


Grainne is now forging a new career as a diamond dealer. She admitted she has more fear about trying something new now than she did when she was younger and less experienced.

"I've noticed over the last few years I have a lot more fear. I think when you are younger it is easier to try new things," she told RSVP Magazine.

"I do feel fear and panic and nerves and anxiety about starting something new, but that is only human. You are moving away from what you know, that is scary."

Grainne has been noticeably absent from RTE's programming over the last few years, although she presented the People of the Year Awards in recent weeks.

"I think the entertainment industry in this country went through an awful few years, where there wasn't money to make things that they really wanted to make, and you get so far and the funding would disappear. That is just the way it has been," she said.

While she may no longer be a regular on the small screen, Grainne has insisted she doesn't mind as it allows her to spend more time with those close to her, including her South African fiance Leon Jordaan.

"I am really happy right now. I think when you find that level of happiness it puts everything else into context, it really does," she said.


"I have known loneliness plus success, I have known great contentment with what might be perceived as a lower profile career, and I know which one I prefer - I know which one keeps me warm at night.

"What is more important in life? Is it important that you are seen at every cat and dog fight, or is it more important you have someone who makes you laugh and makes you happy?"