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The yolk's on Tommy ... rugby ace won't forget this

IRELAND rugby ace Tommy Bowe has been left with egg on his face because of his forgetfulness.

The double try-scorer against France last weekend was pulled up by the fitness coach after he forgot his training schedule for the gym.

Tommy, who is returning to Ulster this season, will line out for Ireland against Scotland today.

But Tommy ended up being punished earlier in the week -- along with winger Andrew Trimble -- for his forgetful nature.

"Jason Cowman, the fitness coach, took the backs in. I think there were six boys," he said.

"Trimble hasn't had the proper runners for the gym, a few of the boys have been late, and I forgot my schedule."

So coach Cowman lined up a selection of eggs for the rugby players.

"So we had four boiled eggs and two not boiled eggs -- raw eggs," Tommy explained.

"The boys had to pick an egg to slap on their head.

"Unfortunately I got landed with one of them -- with one of the raw ones."

But the back was able to laugh off the incident.

"I heard it's very good for your hair," he said.


"It was a bit of fun. It's nice to have a bit of luck and a bit of fun on training. Unfortunately I was the one who got stung with a raw one."

"Last weekend the ball smashed off my nose, this week I got an egg on the head! The boys seemed to enjoy it," he added online.

Tommy is coming back to Ulster, where he played before transferring to Ospreys in Wales, because it will keep in the mind's eye of Ireland coaches.

"I looked at a few options, ... I liked the idea of getting away and playing in a bit of sunshine," he said."But at the same time my Ireland career is at the forefront of my plans."

Tommy is dating former Miss Wales Lucy Whitehouse, but it's not clear if she will move to Ireland.