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The two-hour break was used for sun-bathing, not studying

THERE is nothing like looking out your window to bright skies and warm weather, and knowing you'll see none of it because you have your first exam.

But the exam was just about as nice as I could have asked for.

English Paper 1 started with a reading comprehension; it was easy to understand with straightforward questions.

Personal writing came next; this was a lot harder, because the topics weren't very good.

Functional writing followed and these had a better choice of topics.

Next was media studies, which involved looking at anti-littering posters and writing about them, or reading the front page of a tabloid newspaper and writing an article.

We then had a two-hour break, which involved more sunbathing than last-minute studying.


English Paper 2 was harder and started off with drama, which was a nice question.

Poetry was next, with the unseen poem followed by the studied poem where you had to answer questions on any poem, as long as it was about people, the world or relationships.

Fiction was last and we had to read part of a book and answer questions on it, and then it was just the studied novel.

All in all, it was a good day.

Coming out afterwards, everyone was complaining about the pain in their wrists from two-and-a-half hours of non-stop writing.

Today comes Irish.

I think everyone agrees it's going to be much harder and it will depend a lot on how hard the comprehensions are.